A win away from home and a great debut in the 2019/20 Superleague. So Sada Cruzeiro leaves the interior of São Paulo, after beating Pacaembu Ribeirão Preto in turn on Saturday night, 09/11, and secure the first three points in the national competition. The partials of the confrontation at the Cava do Bosque gymnasium were 28/30, 25/21, 25/16 and 25/14.

The home Cruzeiro started very well in the first set, with a good job on the serve, while Sada Cruzeiro made a lot of mistakes, as well as two doubtful serves, with the ball in the opposing line and the referee scoring off. For the remainder of the match the blue team was fitting their best volleyball and dominated the game, with a good performance of attack, serve and defensive system. Only blocking were 17 points of the mining team.

Ribeirão’s Baesso was the highest scorer with 16 scoring. On the Cruzeiro side Fernando Cachopa distributed the attack well and, with 13 points each, Gord Perrin and Isac were the highest scorers of the team, followed by Facundo Conte and Otávio, both with 11 hits. And the opposite Luan, who entered the third set in place of Evandro, contributed nine points and was elected the highlight on the court, with the VivaVôlei trophy.

“First game is always a little tense and this is normal. Ribeirão Preto is a very young team and they started giving us work, and we suffered a little at first, because they were serving very well. Then we got better and we set our pace.And the Cruzeiro fan does not have to wait long to see the celestial team in Riachão by the Brazilian. On the holiday of next Friday, 11/15, Fox makes his first Superleague home match at 7 pm against América Volleyball.

Cruise Cruise- Fernando Cachopa, Evandro, Gord Perrin, Facundo Conte, Isac, Octavio and the Libero Lukinha. Enter Rodriguinho Leme, Luan, Filipe and Hugo. Coach – Marcelo MendezPacaembu Ribeirão Preto – Pedro, Caio Oliveira, Wennder, Yago, Baesso, Judson and the libero Serginho. Entered Willian, Rodrigo Ruiz, Rodrigo Silva, Luis Rodrigues and Diego. Coach – Marcos Pacheco

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