American Congress On Surveying And Mapping

Many such cases arose from the first days of the United States, especially if land was allowed by European government officials who hadn’t visited North America and were relying on inaccurate maps. Such descriptions of the land can be hard or impossible to decipher based on today’s geographical realities.

Sometimes, boundary disputes arise simply land surveying the legal boundaries were not checked before construction. That is the reason a land survey is essential before construction begins on any construction, especially if its placement is thought to approach the legal property boundary.

Knowing where your property boundaries are will lower the possibility of future conflicts. Difficult neighbors may dismiss surveys to suit their own purposes, naturally, but a land survey conducted by a professional land surveyor is critical evidence of the legal boundary. If a boundary is called into question for any reason, a survey may be a significant bargaining or mediation tool to set an agreed-upon border between two parcels of property and resolve the conflict.

When a border survey is conducted, a surveyor finds the boundaries of their property on the ground, as explained on your deed. This step should be taken before assembling anything, such as a fence, that is likely to approach the property . If conflicts exist between your surveyor’s interpretation of the boundary and your neighbor’s interpretation of the boundary, the surveyor should make an effort to ascertain the reason behind the discrepancy and counsel you on proper remedies.

Once an encroaching structure has been constructed, it’s very important that the authorized owner of the land brings this into question whenever possible.

On occasion, long established occupation of a place, such as a long-ago built fencing, will actually take precedence over the legal title to the land. This is called”adverse possession” If the true owner contests this occupation of the property in a timely manner, the claim of adverse possession can often be averted.

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